January 21,2011

I have been taking dressage lessons from Lynn Jendrowski for the last nine months. I have ridden saddleseat for the past 35 years, and dressage is like starting completely over. I came to Lynn as a novice dressage rider, with a green five year old mare. I can honestly say Lynn impressed within the first five minutes of our lesson. Her passion for dressage is contagious, and I now find I am in love with this sport of dressage.

Lynn gives you her undivided attention for the entire 45 minutes of a lesson. The entire session is spent with learning, not idle barn gossip as is common in many facilities. From the time I step into my stirrups until I dismount, I am learning. My horse is learning. Lynn gives me instructions and exercises to work on at home. I know I can call her at any time with any silly question and she doesn't seem to mind. Lynn is kind, compassionate, yet keeps me challenged and I always feel I am moving forward. I told Lynn from the beginning, I did not want to be in Training Level permanently, and Lynn is certainly pushing me forward. My scores in the first few months of dressage averaged 68's. I was so pleased, because both my horse and I are so new to dressage. Lynn does not hold back on her knowledge as many trainers do; she is willing to share what she knows. She wants to see you succeed.

One of the things I find myself impressed with is Lynn's concern for the overall well-being of the horse. She holds this as the most important thing in horsemanship (as it should be). Her care and training of a horse is impeccable. I have watched Lynn school horses and show, and her horses always seem happy and willing to work for her. Now that I have been taking lessons from Lynn, I could not imagine anybody else instructing me on my dressage journey. She is a blessing to me and my horse, and I am so grateful to have found her. I think any other instruction would be second rate compared to Lynn.

I recommend Lynn with enthusiasm to anybody on their dressage journey. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, Lynn has something to share with you.

Laura Bunyan


September 2015

I have been riding under Lynn Jendrowski's instruction for two years now and have truly enjoyed the opportunity to ride impeccably trained dressage horses with first-rate instruction. I have developed a great admiration for her skills in both training the animals as well as her ability to verbalize talents that appear to come quite naturally to her. She is able to clearly convey techniques to her students by specifying each exact motion necessary to influence the horse. Lynn also shares great enthusiasm in her student’s progression through the levels.

Lesson horses of the caliber found at Flanagan are quite rare. The horses are incredibly light, sensitive and supple, as properly trained dressage horses should be. The well being and happiness of the horses is of the utmost importance and their exceptional care is evident in the demeanor of each animal residing there

Lynn has an innate understanding of the equine psyche, combined with an adept mastery of the equestrian arts. I am quite fortunate to be one of her dressage students.

Jeni Benos